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Women In Technology

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Despite the rapid progress in achieving gender equality in the workplace over the past decade. Women remain highly underrepresented within the technology industry. According to women in technology statistics for 2020, men outnumber women at a whopping ratio of 5:1. While it is true that throughout history men invented many key electrical components and devices, it was in fact the women who played the important role of assembling these technologies. As the saying goes,

If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.

Astoundingly, there is no prediction for growth anytime soon, in fact the number of women employed in the technology sector has barely fluctuated within the last decade. Organisations should consider how to incorporate a more diverse working model, particularly in wake of the pandemic. Women are creative natural born leaders, with the recognisable advantage in superior manual dexterity, which is the main principal in high precision electronics assembly. Empowering the female workforce, while recruiting and maintaining female talent is highly beneficial for growth within the technology industry.

Technology is a means to building a brighter future. Here at Elite Electronic Systems, we employ over 80 fantastic women, each individually working on cutting edge projects to enforce innovation, with the mission to produce a positive impact on the world around us.

However, to close the gender gap, women need to take action.


Jackie Beresford Elite Electronics operations manager suggests…


‘When entering the field of technology, you need to become your own role model. Be brave enough to let yourself be visible, leaving your comfort zone can be scary but this is exactly what will make you the best at what you do.’







There is an opening within the industry to increase awareness through education to provide young women with the skills to prosper. The main attribute is to ensure that women see technology as an avenue to become a person of influence. An inclusive work environment provides an attractive opportunity to help women reach their full potential.  In simple terms, diversity is a thriving business advantage, and the technology industry are long overdue a societal re-shake.

At Elite Electronic Systems, our team is the most crucial asset of our organisation, it is the key resource that ensures we help our customers succeed. Without our employees we couldn’t get where we are today. Our team is composed of 40% women, a statistic that we seek to increase over the next decade. We will continue to empower women to aim high and offer a variety of opportunities in all sectors of our organisation.