WHY NORTHERN IRELAND? 600 380 Elite Electronic Systems

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) and ending of the transition period on 31 December 2020, Northern Ireland continues to have access to Great Britain (GB) and the EU markets for goods.

Beyond its breathtaking natural beauty and strategic position as an integral part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland is gaining significance as a buzzing business destination.

Northern Ireland manufacturing is at a geographical advantage for EU and UK markets. We have unrestricted access to the whole of the UK market as well as the guaranteed ability to trade freely within the EU Single Market.

This dual market access position means that Northern Ireland can become a gateway for the sale of goods to two of the world’s largest markets and the only place where businesses can operate free from customs declarations, rules of origin certificates, and non-tariff barriers on the sale of goods to both GB and the EU.

This is a unique proposition for manufacturers based in Northern Ireland as well as those seeking a pivotal location from which to service GB and EU markets, recalibrate supply chains, or design, develop and sell products across key industries such as electronics and machinery, medical manufacturing.

These additional benefits further enhance Northern Ireland’s already strong proposition as a prime location to establish or grow, a business, based on the skills of our labour pool, competitive operating costs, and business-friendly environment.

Why we are your ELITE choice?

From NI to the UK:

• No entry declaration
• No additional approvals for placing goods
• No tariffs
• No custom checks or import declarations

From NI to EU:

• No tariffs
• No quotas or checks on rules of origin
• Guaranteed ability to trade freely within the EU Single Market

From NI to rest of world:

• No export declarations
• No new tariffs for businesses on internal UK trade
• Smooth flow of trade with flexibility

According to PWC, Northern Ireland has also been rated the ‘best place to live and start a business’.

With research carried out on 4000 people across the UK, there is a significant statement of confidence in Northern Ireland at a time when people have greater choice about where to live and work. There’s a major window of opportunity for Northern Ireland to attract people seeking relocation.

Our world-class facility based in Northern Ireland can guarantee you; strong working relationships, competitive prices, and high-quality products across all processes; PCB Assemblies, Cable assemblies, and Full System Integration.

Elite Electronic Systems Limited and Northern Ireland are your logical choice.