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Neurovalens, a pioneering company based in Belfast, is making waves in the healthcare industry with its groundbreaking Modius technology.

This innovative neuro-stimulator has already achieved remarkable success, securing not just one, but two FDA approvals. One approval recognises its effectiveness as a treatment for chronic insomnia, while the other acknowledges its ability to treat generalised anxiety disorder.

At the heart of the Modius technology lies a sophisticated system, encapsulating a rechargeable battery, intricate electronics, and sophisticated programming.

This convergence of design and cutting-edge components underscores the precision and efficacy of Neurovalens’ approach to healthcare innovation.

“Having a collaboration with Elite has been invaluable.”

– Chief Executive of Neurovalens, Jason McKeown

We pride ourselves on longstanding relationships.

Elite’s role in Neurovalens’ journey spans several years, from the initial stages of product design, focusing on manufacturability and design for manufacture, to rigorous testing and the actual manufacturing process itself.

Our integration into the product development process exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving forward revolutionary advancements in healthcare technology.