Mad About Science

Mad About Science

Mad About Science 1200 627 Elite Electronic Systems

At Elite, we are thrilled to sponsor “Mad About Science,” officially known as the ‘Fermanagh Primary School Science Initiative.’

This program is the brainchild of secondary school Chemistry teacher Dearbhla Gilmore, who is on a mission to provide schools with the tools and knowledge for practical science. Check out the full story here: Mad About Science.

“Mad About Science” focuses on delivering high-quality, hands-on science education to students who might not otherwise have access to such resources. By partnering with local schools, the initiative aims to make science fun and accessible, fostering curiosity and encouraging critical thinking from an early age. This is especially crucial in rural areas, where students often have fewer opportunities to engage with STEM subjects.

As we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, we are reminded of the importance of supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. Encouraging young minds to explore STEM fields is vital for fostering diversity and innovation in engineering.

Programs like “Mad About Science” are stepping stones to breaking down gender barriers and inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists.

By supporting such initiatives, we are not only contributing to the educational development of young minds, but also promoting a more inclusive and diverse future in STEM industries.