The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional EMS Partner

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional EMS Partner

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional EMS Partner 600 380 Elite Electronic Systems

The success of your organisations project should equal expansion. But what if you don’t have the efficient capacity to handle the extra production that comes with that expansion? By outsourcing your production, you can ensure your projects success.

When an organization is looking to outsource, whether it be the first time or to replace their current EMS provider, there should be a strategic element in the planning process. Knowing the benefits to selecting an EMS provider can help you navigate this selection process more effectively.

So, let’s talk about the benefits…


Time to market (TTM) refers to the total length of time it takes to bring a product from conception to market availability. Often this is used by EMS providers through developing metrics during a new product introduction (NPI) as an element to gain competitive advantage.

The time to market is a crucial element in the production of any product. The more time your business spends in developing and manufacturing its own products, the more time it loses to its competitors. Outsourcing can speed up the process by offering support and professional manufacturing capabilities. By delegating to an EMS company it can allow your company to focus on your core competency – the product itself.

Cost Reduction

Choosing to outsource your production rather than doing it in house allows you to considerably decrease your overheads. Outsourcing allows a company to better control their expenses. Assigning to an EMS partner allows you to precisely size your acquired service according to your budget and adapt the production to your needs.

A better understanding of the true cost will be given if you are prepared to work with the chosen EMS partner through a calculated quotation. By doing so the cost of production will be far more accurate ensuring a solid foundation for growth.


Professional EMS companies focus on their core competency. This can be namely designing, developing and manufacturing electronic products. Their employees are highly trained and experienced within each particular field. They also have better access to the latest technologies than larger firms do. In Elite Electronic Systems, specialisation covers all services, such as:

  • Complete Component Sourcing
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Design For Manufacture
  • Design For Test
  • Creation of Detailed Manufacturing Instructions
  • Complete Inspection to Component Level (AOI, X-RAY)
  • Full System Integration
  • NPI Feedback Reports

Quality Assurance

Professional EMS companies follow ISO standards that are globally accepted for quality management systems. International Standards mean that consumers can have confidence that the products they are producing are reliable and of good quality.

The ISO certificate also offers international recognition and offers the possibility to operate beyond national borders, which means that companies can increase their sales and revenue. Companies with an ISO label use this to improve their image and show the rest of the world that they work in conformity with international standards. For many buyers and customers this is a sign that these companies offer excellent products and services.

Elite Electronic Systems adhere to:

  • ISO13485:2016, Medical Device Manufacture
  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • IS027001:2013 Information Security,

covering both standard and complex products.



To conclude, in addition to offering high-quality manufacturing services, a skilled EMS provider will provide product design and development services. By offering design support capabilities at the start of product development, an EMS company can help you identify and fix any potential problems that could negatively affect your manufacturing process. When choosing Elite Electronic Systems Ltd as your EMS partner, we ensure full spectrum product support, from design, development, procurement to post-production management.