4-Day Work Week

4-Day Work Week

4-Day Work Week 1200 627 Elite Electronic Systems

It’s Tuesday, and here at Elite we find ourselves at the midweek mark, so I wanted to share a bit about our experience with the change to a 4-day work week. It’s been more than just a shift in schedule for us.

Embracing a shorter work week has had a profound effect on our team’s well-being. The extra day off has become a precious opportunity for personal pursuits, quality time with family, and a chance to really prioritise self-care.

In addition to improving work-life balance, we have reduced our carbon emissions by 20%.

As we move towards more sustainable practices at Elite, it’s encouraging to see that this change in our work structure has had such a positive environmental impact.

No grand statements or sales pitches from me here, just a genuine reflection on how a simple change can make a significant difference in more ways than one.

(Copied from Jonathan’s LinkedIn post)