Our customers work closely with us to specify their individual test requirements and can either avail of our existing technology or supply their own test equipment. At Elite, we encourage customers to include an element of product testing to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

Elite’s testing capabilities are as follows:

PCB Test:
• At sub assembly or board level
• Dedicated Full Functional Testing (Board Level)
• Combined ATE (bed of nails) with functional Test
• IC Programming and Verification Facility
• Analogue and Digital Network Terminal Equipment Approval Testing
• Board Level ATE
• Voltage Signature Diagnostic Capability to Component Level
• Boundary Scanning facility (Debug or Full Functional Test capability)

Complete System Test:
• Complete System Full Functional Test
• Analogue and Digital Network Terminal Equipment Approval Testing
• Reliability (Soak) Testing with our on-site Environmental Chamber
• Earth Bond and Electrical Strength Safety Test

Wiring Assembly Test:
• Continuity and isolation testing
• Cirrus Universal Test-Sets
• 392 point-to-point Testing
• Low and Hi-POT Test facility

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